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Sun 101 Introduction
About your skin

Sun Care 101

This information center aims to help individuals, children and their families to better understand sun care.

Sun 101 Introduction

introduction to sun care

Sun Protection Beyond the Beach

You're probably diligent about wearing sunscreen at the beach and the pool. But that’s not enough. The sun’s rays are everywhere, all the time, and can cause damage such as burns and premature aging every single day. As the rates of adult and pediatric melanomas increase, education and prevention are more important than ever.


How does the sun affect your skin?

Infrared-A Radiation (IRA): Anti-oxidants neutralize and limit the negative aging effects of free radicals generated by IRA

Ultraviolet A (UVA): AGING: Penetrates through clouds & glass to reach deep into skin all day long and throughout the year

Ultraviolet B (UVB): BURNING: Most intense exposure from 10am-4pm


Exposure to the sun’s UV radiation is responsible for 90% of non-melanoma1 and 86% of melanoma2 skin cancers.


From the Mountains to the Sea

Being aware of your surroundings may be the most critical part of skin protection since UV rays are more harmful in certain environments.


90% of UV rays reach Earth on cloudy days

UV levels +4% per 1,000 feet rise in altitude

Water reflection intensifies UV rays by +10-20%

Sand reflection intensifies UV rays by +15-25%

Snow reflection intensifies UV rays by +50-80%

+50% UVA rays pass through windows

+60% UVA rays penetrate through car windows



80% of the sun’s rays pass through cloud cover on a day when UV levels seem low3

sun protection basics

How does my clothing protect me?

Clothing doesn't offer as much protection as you might have assumed. A white T-shirt has an SPF of about 5. Once clothes get wet, protection drops by about half, so the white T-shirt drops to an SPF of 2.5. Darker, tightly woven fabrics offer more protection—a dark blue cotton t-shirt has an SPF of 10.

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